01 March 2006

Google Blogger Test

This is a test post using the Google Blogger Dashboard Widget. If you use Mac and Dashboard it might be something for you to try out. You will find it on Apple's website

Now lets try and post...

23 September 2005

ATC - Learning by listening

LiveATC was launched as a resource for those who enjoy listening to live Air Traffic Control (ATC) - aviation enthusiasts, student pilots, student air traffic controllers, flight simulation enthusiasts, FBO operators, airline operators, and anyone with an interest in aviation communications.

LiveATC is a growing website geared to provide a sampling of live ATC radio traffic from around the world. They are always looking for volunteers to put new locations on the air (see the Help Wanted section). They concentrate on providing ATC audio streams with high sound quality using MP3 streaming audio technology.

In my oppinion a very good resource for student pilots to listen to in order to improve radio work.

Find your favorite tune on http://www.liveatc.net/

28 August 2005

Hurricane Categories

The Saffir-Simpson scale

Tropical Storm
Winds 39-73 mph | 35-64 kt | 17,5-32,4 m/s | 63-118 km/h

Category 1 Hurricane
Winds 74-95 mph | 64-82 kt | 32,5-42,4 m/s | 119–153 km/h

No real damage to buildings. Damage to unanchored mobile homes. Some damage to poorly constructed signs. Also, some coastal flooding and minor pier damage.
- Examples: Lili 2002 and Gaston 2004

Category 2 Hurricane
Winds 96-110 mph | 83-95 kt | 42,5-48,9 m/s | 154–177 km/h

Some damage to building roofs, doors and windows. Considerable damage to mobile homes. Flooding damages piers and small craft in unprotected moorings may break their moorings. Some trees blown down.
- Examples: Isabel 2003 and Frances 2004

Category 3 Hurricane
Winds 111-130 mph | 96-113 kt | 50,0-57,9 m/s | 178–209 km/h

Some structural damage to small residences and utility buildings. Large trees blown down. Mobile homes and poorly built signs destroyed. Flooding near the coast destroys smaller structures with larger structures damaged by floating debris. Terrain may be flooded well inland.
- Examples: Jeanne 2004 and Ivan 2004

Category 4 Hurricane
Winds 131-155 mph | 114-135 kt | 58,0-68,9 m/s | 210–249 km/h

More extensive curtainwall failures with some complete roof structure failure on small residences. Major erosion of beach areas. Terrain may be flooded well inland.
- Examples: Charley 2004, Dennis 2005 and Katrina 2005

Category 5 Hurricane
Winds 156+ mph | 135+ kt | 69,0+ m/s | 250+ km/h

Complete roof failure on many residences and industrial buildings. Some complete building failures with small utility buildings blown over or away. Flooding causes major damage to lower floors of all structures near the shoreline. Massive evacuation of residential areas may be required.
- Examples: Gilbert 1988 and Andrew 1992

For more information on hurricanes have a look at National Hurricane Center Website

30 June 2005

Pilot Logbook for Mac OS X

If you are a pilot with a Mac and looking for a logbook for your computer I strongly recommend LogTen Pro from Coradine! Download and try it for free and see if you get the same experience as I did...wow :-)

Look at the LogTen website to read about the features of the application

27 June 2005

My neighborhoods

Google has this new cool map/satellite image function. I've played with it to give you a view of my neighborhoods...

This is Glostrup, Denmark my parent’s neighborhood where I grew up

This is Vesterbro, Copenhagen, Denmark where I have my apartment with my girlfriend

This is Titusville, Florida, USA where I currently live

And finally Space Coast Regional Airport where I'm doing my training

If you want to switch to map mode just click "Map" in the top right corner.

If you want to find your own neighborhood just visit Google Maps

11 May 2005

Airports I have flown to

This is a list of all airports I have operated in:

KTIX - Space Coast Regional Airport - Titusville, Florida, USA
KSFB - Orlando Sanford International Airport - Orlando, Florida, USA
KORL - Executive Airport - Orlando, Florida, USA
KOMN - Ormond Beach Municipal Airport - Ormond Beach, Florida, USA
KMLB - Melbourne International Airport - Melbourne, Florida, USA
KVRB - Vero Beach Municipal Airport - Vero Beach, Florida, USA
KDAB - Daytona Beach International Airport - Daytona Beach, Florida, USA
31FL - Tedford Ranch Airport - Melbourne, Florida, USA
KLEE - Leesburg Regional Airport - Leesburg, Florida, USA
KEVB - New Smyrna Beach Municipal Airport - New Smyrna Beach, Florida, USA

To find you US airport visit AirNav.com

06 May 2005

JAA CPL(H) License Skill Test

Today I passed the License Skill Test for my JAA CPL(H). The test was conducted by Captain George Bedord and comprised of the following maneuvers and areas.

- One leg with midpoint track deviation correction
- One leg with track crawl
- Diversion
- VOR intercept

General Handling
- 360° Autorotation into a field to a go around
- Short pattern to a normal approach into a field
- Right pedal turn, sideways and backwards hovering
- Into wind quick stop
- Downwind transition
- Downwind quick stop
- Climb out from field
- Confined area

Basic Instrument Flying
- Straight and level, turns, climb and descends, climbing/descending turns
- Recovery from unusual attitudes

Back to the airport
- Practice engine failure

In the airport
- Limited power landing
- Practice engine failure in the hover
- Limited power take-off
- Engine off landing (180° autorotation)
- Emergency procedures

Total flight time: 2.1

21 April 2005

JAA ATPL(H) Exams - Last nine

I took my last nine JAA ATPL(H) Exams from April 4th to April 7th in:

- Mass and Balance
- Performance
- Operational Procedures
- Flight Planning and Monitoring
- Radio Navigation
- Meteorology
- Air Law and ATC Procedures
- VFR Communications
- IFR Communications

I got the results today and passed them all :-) Next up...License Skill Test!

11 March 2005

Tsunami Relief

I just felt like reminding my visitors of the effects last years Tsunami has and still have on the effected countries and their citizens. I found these pictures of some of the helicopters helping out the survivors...have a look, it is a scary sight! I for sure have no real problems to complain about after watching that.

Photos from Pprune.com

Well just a little reminder.

22 December 2004

JAA ATPL(H) Exams - First Five

I took my first five JAA ATPL(H) Exams from December 6th to December 9th in:

- Principles of Flight
- Aircraft General Knowledge
- Flight Instruments
- General Navigation
- Human Performance and Limitations

Today I got the results, and I passed them all :-)