25 October 2004

FAA Private Pilot

Today I got my FAA Private Pilot certificate - what a joy! Now it is rock on with the JAA APTL theory, the first five exams on this in December and the JAA CPL flying.

19 October 2004

Who is Bongo?

Bongo has become me and I have become Bongo. My dear wingman Mick had a habit of calling everybody Bongo. Our flight instructor Andy (also know as Dougal) picked up on the name and so I got to be known as Bongo...

What is this all about then?

Hi all, and welcome to my weblog. As you can read in the description this is where I will be writing about whatever is on my mind, maybe with a little bit of censorship...

Right now I don't really have that much to say, but lets consider this blog officially opened.