06 May 2005

JAA CPL(H) License Skill Test

Today I passed the License Skill Test for my JAA CPL(H). The test was conducted by Captain George Bedord and comprised of the following maneuvers and areas.

- One leg with midpoint track deviation correction
- One leg with track crawl
- Diversion
- VOR intercept

General Handling
- 360° Autorotation into a field to a go around
- Short pattern to a normal approach into a field
- Right pedal turn, sideways and backwards hovering
- Into wind quick stop
- Downwind transition
- Downwind quick stop
- Climb out from field
- Confined area

Basic Instrument Flying
- Straight and level, turns, climb and descends, climbing/descending turns
- Recovery from unusual attitudes

Back to the airport
- Practice engine failure

In the airport
- Limited power landing
- Practice engine failure in the hover
- Limited power take-off
- Engine off landing (180° autorotation)
- Emergency procedures

Total flight time: 2.1